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About is brought to you by Rosanís Enterprises, owned by Rosan E. Royston of Santa Rosa, California.

Rosan was born in Santa Rosa, but has had many adventures over the years that took her out of California and gave her a view of all kinds of beads and artwork. She has been a bead collector for many years and finally got a website so that she could offer you some of these unique beads, pendants, and art objects.

Rosan originally studied graphic arts and designing in San Francisco, but went on to earn her living as an accountant. At one point she owned a resort in Sedona, Arizona where she learned standing tapestry weaving from the Navajo Indians.

  Rosan Royston, Owner,
Upon leaving Arizona, Rosan moved to Idaho where she went excavating for gemstones and crystals while still collecting beads. When she left Idaho she moved to Florida getting ready to live aboard a sailboat and explore the riches of the Caribbean Islands and the tip of South America.

When Rosan finally made it back to California she was privileged to be part of an archeological team that did excavation of many Native American sites now under Lake Sonoma in Sonoma County, California.

Rosanís own beadwork won prizes in California and was featured at the San Francisco Hilton Hotel in San Francisco. Her beadwork has appeared in many art shows and several galleries.

Rosan now spends her time working as an accountant and working on Ebay. These are pretty full time jobs not allowing for much beading anymore. Hence Rosan brings a variety of bead combinations, pendants, crystals, and artwork to you through BeadsOnline and Ebay.