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How to Purchase on eBay

All products are available for purchase on You can find my products by clicking here.

If you have not purchased anything online before, these simple steps will help you through the process:

  • Go to
  • A menu will appear at the top of the page with six items:
         Browse | Sell | Services | Search | Help | Community
  • Click on the Search button.
  • On the Search page, a new sub-menu will appear with four items:
         Advanced Search | By Seller | By Bidder | Search Stores
  • Click on By Selle.
  • On the Search/By Seller page, a blank Single Seller box will appear.
  • Type the following in the box: rosansbeads
  • Click the Search button.
  • This will bring you to my pages within the eBay store.
  • Scroll through all the current listings for beads, pendants, crystals and artwork.

  • There is an on screen tutoring for purchasing these various pieces. All work is offered on a "Buy it Now" basis, whereby you DO NOT have to bid on items. You can purchase these works either by credit card, money order, cash, check or electronic check or wire. These unique pieces are sold internationally.

    If you have questions about any of the items you see here, please feel free to contact me at