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These exquisite crystal paperweights, figurines and prisms are imported from Germany and Austria. They are the consumer, generic version of Swarovski and are not registered. They are new productions and are free from defects and equal to Swarovski in style and sparkle.

I often purchase Peacock colored or Aurora Borealis-enhanced crystals for their color and sparkle. These crystals are often used in Feng Shui to enhance and balance the Chi in your home or office. They are always a major player in a special curio cabinet at home or in the office. They also make exquisite gifts.

These gift items come in either a box or special velvet pouch. You may want to look at all my listings and combine your purchases for better shipping rates.

BeadsOnline is proud to offer absolutely gorgeous cut glass crystal diamond paperweights. These are beautiful Swarovski style cut glass crystal diamond paperweights from China in the best gemstone colors available. They come in their own gift box.

These crystals are very popular in Feng Shui for home or office. They are brand new and free from chips, cracks or flaws other than the occasional small glass bubble or natural color inclusion in the making of the glass. They will enhance any environment and balance the Chi in your universe. Placed in a special window they can send rainbows throughout your home or office always bringing joy and smiles to the owner.

My pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind creations. For a sampling of the many styles and types of pieces I offer, please visit the Gallery. The selection changes frequently and some pieces may no longer be available. Please contact me if you find a piece that interests you and we can discuss the possibilities.